韩国 Black Monster 蓬松头发喷雾粉 韩国 Black Monster 蓬松头发喷雾粉

韩国 Black Monster 蓬松头发喷雾粉



Ingredients: Water , Dimenthicone , Hexylene Glycol , Fragance , Sodium Chloride , Sodium Lactate , Glycerin , Dipropylene Glycol , Butylene Glycol , Tannic Acid , Eclipta Prostrata Extract , Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Disodium EDTA , Macadamia Integrifolia Seed oil, Olea Europaea(Olive) Fruit oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus(Sunflower) seed oil, Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract, Camellia Japonica Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel oil , Houttuynia Cordata Extract , Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract, Salix Alba(Willow)Bark Extract, Lactobacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract , Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Cinnamomum Cassia Bank Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Tocopherol. 

Capacity = 50ml

Expiry date : 2022/06/13

Directions for use:
1. Shake well and spray 2-3 times , approx, 20-30cm away from fabrics.
2. You may spray several times, depending on the surface area.
*Excessive use of product on the same spot may result in stains.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, keep away from heat.
Be sure to close the cap properly after use.
Keep out of reach of children or pets.

1. If contact with eyes/accidental consumption, rinse with water and consult a doctor.
2. If there is any leakage, wipe off the area with clean water.
3. Stains or shrinkage may occur on products made of silk , rayon , hemp or leather.
(Please conduct a product test before use)

FLEXIN 衣物除皱消臭喷雾 FLEXIN 衣物除皱消臭喷雾

FLEXIN 衣物除皱消臭喷雾

No time to iron? Clothes smelling like your closet? De-wrinkle and deodorize your clothes with Flexin Pim Spray! 
Simply spray on areas you want to straigthen and let it work its magic. It also has anti bacterial benefits! You will look prim and proper with just a few sprays!


▶ Manufacturer : FLEXIN
▶ Country of origin : Republic of Korea
▶ Volume : 300ml

▶ Product description :

Do not go out wearing crumpled clothes anymore. 
A small wrinkle can ruin your image. 

It is recommended for such people:
1. Dormitory student without iron. 
2. Workers in daily shirts 
3. If you want a clean image before dating

Patent Application of Pim Spray Fiber collagen makes a uniform collagen film on fiber and makes irregular direction uniform, improving wrinkles. 

It is clearly observed that the fiber collagen component is uniformly and uniformly coated on the entire fiber to protect the fiber and form a fiber collagen film having an appropriate thickness. 
Deodorizing and deodorizing fiber, provides deodorant effect. 

99.9% removal of pneumococcus. 99.9% removal of Staphylococcus aureus. Removes wrinkles, as well as eliminates worry about odor. Skin intelligence stability test and humidifier This product has completed the detection test of cmit, mit, oit containing disinfectant. 

#flexin #除皱 #衣服除皱 #除皱喷雾

Pimpray is a safe product for both skin and respiratory and can be used without worry. 
Pim spray can improve wrinkles on cotton, hemp, synthetic fiber and shirt. 
Pimpray does not have wrinkle improving effect on 100% polyester 100% polyester, silk, rayon, leather and other materials that can not be dry-cleaned. 
It is effective for removing fine wrinkles, but it may have little effect on thick wrinkles.

Do not spray too close to one area, but spray about 30cm apart so that it is applied evenly to the fibers. 

Korea ANormal Laundry Perfume衣物香氛喷雾 Korea ANormal Laundry Perfume衣物香氛喷雾

Korea ANormal Laundry Perfume衣物香氛喷雾

Product : [ANormal] Normal Perfume
Brand : ANormal
Volume : 100ml
Country Of Manufacture : South Korea
Period of use : 3 Years since manufactured

Product Features
-We made the first and sole fabric perfume in Korea without containing 26 potentially allergic ingredients.

Antibacterial effect from organic ingredients kills 99.9 percent of germs
-Use Cypress and ingredients derived from natural resources which are guaranteed its antibacterial effect on bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus (kill 99.9%) by IPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office) and ECOCERT(in France)

99.6 percent of deodorizing ability
Our product is authorized its ability to eliminate Ammonia (99.6%), Tri-methylamine (99.6%), formaldehyde (80%) by KCL(Korea Conformity Laboratories)

Long-lasting scent
-It is not diluted by other elements( such as body odor, sweat etc). So it can delicately last its scent on garment for long

Certified hypo-allergenic product
-Normal Perfume is passed a skin stimulus test by authorized testing organization. So you can trust its proven safety. Feel free to apply it to baby garments as well.

Green Healing Garden 绿色疗愈

Beige Laundry 米白柔软精
苹果和青柠的香味 像洗澡后被温暖的毛巾包着,有清新及柔和的感觉

Black Blank黑色 (男士专用)
苹果和青柠的香味 为米白柔软精的加强版,提高33%的浓度,香气跟鲜明

Korea Bodyluv Vita Milk Shower 香氛滤芯 Korea Bodyluv Vita Milk Shower 香氛滤芯

Korea Bodyluv Vita Milk Shower 香氛滤芯

Bodyluv Vita Milk Shower - Grapefruit  -50ml
Bodyluv Vita Milk Shower - Lavender Blossom  -50ml
Bodyluv Vita Milk Shower - Baby Powder -50ml

Vitamin milk shower uses natural vitamin for your sensitive skin!

The special gel type of Vitamin C in Vita Milk shower slightly melts into water to neutralize residual chlorine 

which inflicts skin irritation and protects your sensitive skin and scalp.

The effect of Vitamin C

1. It has a strong anti-aging effect via its antioxidant effect to inhibit the process of active oxygen.

Moreover, it can protect the skin against UV and regenerates the damaged skin cell by active oxygen.

2. It can whiten your overall skin tone by inhibiting the synthesis of melanin via its strong antioxidant effect and 

revivifying the oxidized melanin. In addition, it reduces both water loss from the skin and sensitivity of the skin.

3. It can help you maintain good skin conditions(small pores, no wrinkles, a velvety skin etc) 

by enhancing the chemical combination of collagen and boosting the production of collagen

4. Enhance the protection against germs and skin barrier to help you 

heal various skin diseases such as atopy, seborrheic dermatitis etc
Milk can lighten your skin. Milk is a very rich source that is full of calcium. 

Calcium works by activating the melanocytes, the skin cells that produce melanin pigment. 

Milk also contains lactic acid which reduces skin’s pigmentation making your skin lighter in complexion. 

These prevent skin from going dry which can also affect your skin making it darker.

The milk powder in Vita Milk shower not only improves your skin as a velvety skin line but also removes dead skin cells.

The strong moisturizing effect from milk powder rehydrates your skin cells and rejuvenates your appearance.

Tea tree extracts that protect and calm your skin.

Korea Gong100 Kitchenware Cleaner 厨房去污粉 400g Korea Gong100 Kitchenware Cleaner 厨房去污粉 400g

Korea Gong100 Kitchenware Cleaner 厨房去污粉 400g

Gong 100 Kitchenware Cleaner - 200g x 2

Product : Gongbaek Kitchenware Cleaner
Brand : Gong100
Purpose : For cleaning ceramic, glass, stainless steel, plastic, inside shaped cups, water bottles, thermos bottles, kettles where you can’t reach, drains, scorched pots, hoods, and for boiling dishcloths
Usage : 15g of Detergent for 1L of Water / Recommend above 70 degrees
Country Of Manufacture : South Korea
Date of Expiration : 3 years after the date of manufacture
Date of Manufacture : Separately marked on the product
Ingredients : Surfactants (plant fatty acids nonionic / glucose fatty acid nonionic) more than 5%~less than 10%, sodium percarbonate, citric acid, green tea grapefruit extract, EM)

Product Features
- All you need to do is sprinkle, Remove grease!
- Couldn’t remove by scrubbing, Remove grease!
- Remove grease & burns without scrubbing.
- Tired from scrubbing, leave it up to Gong100 Kitchenware Cleaner. 
- Clean every corner, places you can’t reach with your hands! 
- Disinfection effect! (Like it was boiled without boiling.)
- Safe ingredients that you can eat 100%! Everyday Dish Soap!
- Safe ingredients, Even more definite results! (safe surfactants)
- Patented, Certified kitchen detergent with accurate pH reports.
- Only use on kitchenware!

韩国 Black Monster 头皮蜜粉 (黑色) 韩国 Black Monster 头皮蜜粉 (黑色)

韩国 Black Monster 头皮蜜粉 (黑色)